Best Electric Rice Cookers In India for 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Best Electric Rice Cookers In India for 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In India, most of the homes cook rice in traditional rice cooker but the trend is changing, now people are opting for electric rice cooker because of the ease of use and it takes less time to cook rice in this article we are going to talk about multiple things like best electric rice cooker buying guide, tips, advantages and we are also going to discuss about the difference between electric rice cooker in normal rice cooker and also we are gonna list out the best electric rice cookers out there so let’s see this.


Difference between a pressure cooker and an electric rice cooker:

let us talk about the difference between a pressure cooker and an electric rice cooker are not the same but similar. both the cookers look the same but there are some differences. The following are the main difference between pressure cookers and rice cookers.

Pressure cooker:

The pressure cooker cooks the food at high pressure. The pressure cooker expels the air through the vessel deceive the steam produced from the boiling liquid inside. The production of water molecules from the vessel is called pressure, it boils and reaches at high temperature at 100-degree Celcius.

This thermal heat cooks food far more quickly, often cooking between half and quarter time for conventional boiling. Pressure cooker cooks the food under water-based liquids which are steamed in a pressure cooker.

Electric rice cooker:

The electric rice cooker is used for cooking rice or steaming the rice. It consists of a source of heating, a thermostat, and a cooking bowl. The temperature of thermostat measures the cooking bowl temperature which manages the heat. 

The rice cookers are complex and have some sensors with other essentials technology. The rice cookers provide its own cooking utensils, these utensils contain doubled layered bowl which has its holes near the top to transmit of steam from the water molecules insert.


Types of Electric rice cookers:

There are 4 different types of electric rice cookers which are as follows:

1. Standard electric rice cookers

The standard electric rice cookers are very low- cost type. They are very simple to operate, this rice cooker activates by pressing simply the button. Once it is cooked, it automatically turns off to a warming mode. It comes with an ambulatory cord, cookie sheet, which are in different sizes.

2. Improved electric rice cookers

The word itself describes that it was improved technology with standard types. It has different types of cooking modes like cooking the rice,  time feature, additional warming heat, steaming functions, etc.

3. Multi-function electric rice cookers

These rice cookers have bluster which is adaptable and has cooking settings to select from. This is improved with very advanced managing technology. It commonly has its digital display and settings of delay which was used for heat warming and reheats action.

4. Induction electric rice cookers

The induction rice cookers are great among other rice cookers. This rice cooker is very costly to vary from another rice cooker. In this induction rice cooker, the rice is made with a better consistency with the magnetic field where the rice is cooked faster and easily. It has digital managing options.

Advantages of electric rice cookers

  1. In the electric rice cookers, the rice stays warm for a longer time exclusively if we do not open the rice cooker lid.
  2. Rice cookers are very easy to use when compared to other kitchen appliances like the Microwave ovens. There are no chances of Flowing the water from the rice cooker.
  3. It cooks the rice with the perfect consistency, keeping the gain separately, without any overcooking or undercooking.
  4. In the market, there are some modern and advanced electric rice cookers that are effective and allows cooking with a different assortment of rice.
  5. The present electric rice cooker is also used for making the hot breakfast, slow-cook soups, beans, or stews, steam vegetables as well.
  6. Some electric rice cookers have an option to set the timer, when it is done with the cooking. the electric rice cooker automatically turns off the button. Hence there’s no need to attend physically turn off the cooker.
  7. These electric rice cookers don’t need to be observed during the cooking process, It finishes automatically without human observing.

Electric Rice Cooker Buying Guide and Tips

The detailed buying guide on electric rice cooker is to help the readers choose from the best electric rice cookers in India.

Cooking Capacity

Electric rice cookers come with different sizes and capacities to satisfy every family’s needs. The cooking capacity of electric rice cookers varies anywhere between 3 to 5 liters which are sufficient for a family of 4 to 7 members.


Rice cooker comes with the stainless lid, anodized aluminum pan, it has a great feature of an automatic turn off button and it has a cooking pan and a spatula. In advanced electric rice cookers, there are multiple features like timer and cooking modes.


Electric rice cookers are generally easy to clean, this is done by opening the lid of the rice cooker and we should remove the bowl and wash it with detergent or soup.

Water level indicator

The electric rice cooker includes the water level indicator by showing the scale inside it. This helps to visually calculate the amount of rice and water goes in the container

Built material

The material used in building an electric rice cooker is aluminum for the inner cooking bowl,  and various other materials there as pure carbon, ceramic, diamond powder coating for the better durability and taste of food.

Design and safety

Electric rice cookers are designed with the stay-warm feature where the rice stays warm for a longer time and cooked very perfectly and it is safer to use but be always careful by using or pouring food or water. Make sure when the rice is done with cooking the item is switched off and unplugged.


The budget for the rice cooker varies from brand to brand, model to model and the type of Electric rice cooker. The standard electric rice cookers are inexpensive and get the job done.


The warranty for electric rice cookers may not differ much from brand to brand, there will be 2 years warranty on every product of the rice cooker.

Cooking style

The cooking style of the electric rice cooker, for most of the rice cookers we need to pour 2 cups of rice for 1 cup of water, turn on the rice cooker and let it cook evenly cook the rice and when it is done it turns off automatically.

We hope the above-mentioned buying guide help you lead hands on the top electric rice cookers in India.



The intention of this buying guide is to help the customers to take the correct decision of buying the best electric rice cooker in India.

The electric rice cookers perform far better than the traditional cookers. The electric rice cooker has many benefits in helping the users in cooking the rice in 15 to 20 minutes and it is very easy to use.

Hope this buying guide helps you choose the best electric rice cookers for your need.

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