Best Geysers in india

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Best Geysers in India

Whether it’s Summer or Winter, Hot water requirement is always in need. Installing the best Water heater in the bathroom will always be Handy. Here are Some Important points to Consider to buy The  Best Geysers/ Water Heaters in India to make your winter bath’s Warm!

If you live in India you would know that we have Extreme weather conditions and climate changes, one day you wake up and observe chilling water in the bucket or in the shower that can be a very difficult situation to bath, who doesn’t love bathing hot water in chilly mornings. Its always better to be prepared for these climate changes.

There’re so many Different brands of Geysers with a lot of variants, Choosing the best one is Little Tricky because we have to consider many factors like Price, Durability, Capacity, Electricity Consumption, Efficiency, Safety, etc. It takes Lot of effort and research to find one for yourself so, we’re here to help you out finding the right geyser for your requirement.

Best Geysers in india

We’ve done comprehensive research from various sources, reviews, Surveys and Ratings and here we’re with Detailed Review on these Best Geysers in the Market.


Types of Geyser/Water Heater

Do you know we have 5 types of water heaters? YES! You heard it right. There are different types of Geyser/Water Heater to choose based on your requirement (need , preference, and convenience)

1.Storage Water heaters

2.Instant Water Heaters

3.Solar water heaters

4.Gas water heaters

5.Immersion Heater rods.

1. Storage Water heaters

The popular and widely used water heater, This type of water heaters have the capacity to store water within the tank (inside the appliance) in order to heat water, this type of Water heaters store hot water for significant time and use later without electricity.this feature is helpful if we use much quantity of hot water and also domestic purposes. Storage water heater can store water from 6Liters and above.


2. Instant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters are tankless water heater system that can supply unlimited hot water without any limit. This type of water heaters are very handy and compact and suitable for smaller spaces (bathroom & kitchen), and best if space is limited, they maintain constant heating throughout the use. As it Instantly heats the water the energy consumption is also lesser comparing to Storage water heaters.


3. Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters convert renewable solar energy to heat water, they are environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require any other power source(electricity or gas) to heat water, it is the best practice of self-sustainability. Solar water heaters are gaining much popularity in India due to the rise in electricity bills, etc.


4. Gas water heaters

Gas water heaters are highly energy-efficient and run on LPG(Gas), They are lightweight then other types (Storage & Instant water heaters), They get gas supply through cylinders/ Pipelines.


5. Immersion Heater rods.

Immersion Heating rods are portable and effective in Heating Water, They simply convert electricity into heat through the process called element resistance heating (Joule heating ). They are compact and occupy less space for storage, They are simple to use Just you have to immerse heating rods into the water using the hanging hook.


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