Best OTG Ovens in India-2019

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Best OTG Ovens in India

Best OTG Ovens in India

On days when her mood is dull, she reflects through her food! I am sure most of you can relate to the story of your mother. The Sabji, roti takes over whenever possible. The truth is, if it is easy to cook, it is served! 

The fast pace brings in better flavors. But dreaming won’t get things done. So now we are introducing you to the OTG oven. Give your kitchen and food the most awaited makeover.  The OTG ovens steps in to serve multiple uses in one embodied product. You name it, and you get!

Baking can’t wait anymore. Get yourself some baked Rosogollas in no time! Sounding like food porn already; right? Keeping all those traditional cooking concepts intact with the cooking accessory and can do better if needed. 

The all in one product has been the oldest invent in the cooking industry and still carries on to be the best of its kind. Baking, reheating, grilling, barbeques, OTGs can do it all. We offer you a good read through the write-up and end up buying the best OTG ovens in India.


Advantages of OTG:

As the abbreviation suggests, Oven, Toaster, and Griller, the OTG is all you need to satisfy all those cooking goals. Cooking is a passion that many homemakers and professionals swear by. Their skills through replenishing over time, baking ovens in India took the cooking industry to new altitudes.

The gadget made putting simple physics to use turns out to be breakthrough cookware. The OTG runs on electricity,  turns the energy to heat and cooks raw food into delicious platters. The listing below the top five uses of the electric oven in India.

The best OTG ovens in India are firstly all-purpose cookware. One can put in any possible cooking use. Baking is the most common usage of the OTG machines. The same can be easily transformed into a griller or toaster on celebration brunch purposes as well.

Conventional baking oven price in India remains quite high due to the ultra-modern purpose that it serves. The OTG being the oldest cookware launched into the market, continues to be cost-effective, keeping in mind the multiple purpose usage.

The best oven in India for baking is usually heavy enough due to the manufacturing designs. The updated and current OTGs launch in the market are made with advanced design and lightweight management.

Energy efficiency is that one thing we prioritize first while buying any home applications. The OTGs are designed keeping the home physics in mind. The least electricity consumption results in delicious platters in the least possible time.

 Simplified usage directions make OTGs the best oven for baking in India. Switches are curated for easy use and the guidelines to follow makes it further convenient for usage.

The surprising results that the OTG cookware brings in are capable of blowing your mind with some of the best tastes.

Difference between OTGs and Microwave oven:

The two very similar-looking cookware applications are not so similar at all. They differ in the mechanism, designs, and purpose as well. In case you are confused between which exact one to get. Let us helps you with that.

The listing below is the difference between OTG and microwave ovens.

  1. The OTG usually consumes more electricity to turn the energy into heat and cook the food. The best OtG oven in India is designed with nickel and chromium coils that heat up and transfer the same into food.
  • On the other hand, the microwave oven uses less electricity to heat the entire chamber and equally distributes the energy onto the food for a faster and even cooking.
  1. The OTG though enables multipurpose cooking, consumes more energy compared to the microwave oven and takes more time to get heated up. In case one needs to cook ample quantity food, the process tends to be time-consuming.
  •  The microwave is not capable of serving several cooking purposes. However, consumes lesser energy and cooks food faster without much hassle.
  1.   The size and the moveability of the cookware applications matters. The OTG is portable, and you can easily move it because of its natural weight and size. 
  • The microwave oven, on the other hands, turns to be bigger and its a heavyweight thus restricts the moveability.


Completing the list of fundamental differences between the OTG and microwave oven, we move further with the shopping guide.

Advanced Buying Guide of the OTG:

Planning to buy an OTG to meet those long set cooking goals are finally going to turn to reality. Purchasing an appliance that fits the needs and budget of the family is the format priority. Here are the details of all you need to know about buying an OTG.

1. Size

The size of an OTG differs with its capacity to cook. The market and the manufacturers offer size ranging from 15 liters to 60 liters — however, the electric oven in India you should buy keeping in mind the family size especially.

2. Usage

 like any other appliance, it is essential to go through the user manual before putting an OTG to use. The proper use of the time control switch, temperature control switch, and other functional switches helps cook food easy and tasty.

3. Spit Roasting

The best OTG ovens in India can be used for spit roast. The long rod that comes as an accessory is fixed in the center with the meat screwed on it. To ensure uniform heating and cooling the rod keeps on rotating inside the OTG. The OTG you are to invest in must allow the spit roasting.

4. Power consumption

the power used by the OTG differs with the intensity of heat allowed to cook the food. Also, the bigger the food capacity, the higher is the power consumption. An average OTG consumes 1000 watts of power to cook food for an hour.

5. Price

the oven cost in India varies with capacity and also the brands. International and national oven brands offer different prices starting from 3000 INR and ranging to 15000 INR prioritizing their functionality.

6. Warranty

Baking oven in India, like any other electric appliance, is prone to malfunctioning. The current brands offer warranty plans to allow free defects repair for a fixed time period.

The users need to understand the need for proper care of the appliances. The best OTG ovens in India, like any other electric gadget, need adequate cleaning and measures to cook food. Prioritizing the points mentioned above will help one invest in the best ovens for baking in India.

Features of an OTG:

Irrespective of the advanced designs and functional properties, the cooking is a manual process. The OTG ovens are designed keeping in mind the technical abilities required while cooking. Some of the top features are listed below.

1. Timer knob

The timer knob is used to set the cooking time for an individual platter. The maximum time limit allowed can be 50 minutes. Manual setting of anti clock knob rotation enables the oven to cook longer than the allotted time with the manual switch off.

2. Cool-touch handles

 The ergonomic oven handle is designed with advanced ideas. Though the chamber remains heated up, you can touch the handle easily with a bare hand. Convenience at best!

3. Temperature control switch

Set a specific temperature at which the food will get cooked. It can be extended up to 250 degrees, the knob allows the user to choose the appropriate cooking temperature.

4. Extended cord

The electric home appliance comes with a cable that allows the connection to the switchboard. You can adjust the extension cord as per the distance between the oven and the electricity source.

5. Operation selector

The OTG operation selector, helps the user to switch the mode of the cooking. Grilling, toasting, or baking need a different heating system to cook the raw food inside.

6. Heating element selector

As different OTG accessories are implemented during the cooking, heating element selector allows the heat flow into the specific equipment that cooks the food. These features of the oven helps in smooth functioning. The appliance takes care of all interruption that may occur during use. The associated accessories resolve those problems, making it the apt cooking utility.

OTG Accessories:

The baking ovens in India are accompanied with few cook-friendly accessories. The multiple purpose home appliance needs accessories to allow grilling, baking, and toasting. The listing below the few common cookwares that accompanies the OTG.

1. Crumb tray

when we say multi purpose, it means all the cooking necessity and usage are kept in designing. The crumb tray fits in the very bottom of the OTG to collect the crumbs that may fall off while baking or roasting. Cleaning made easy!

2. Grilling rack

India loves grilled food. Outdoor grilling is the best winter day out. The grilling racks are used to stack food on and put into the oven to cook within the set time. Quantity food can be turned to quality dishes at one go with the grilling racks.

3. Tongs

 tongs that come with the baking ovens in India helps in picking and serving the hot food directly from the oven to the plate. The steel tongs are serving made easy.

4. Screwed rods

Kebabs on your mind! Turn your OTG into a temporary griller. The screwers associated with the OTG helps in the kebabs making. Vegetable and meat are screwed on the rod and occasionally turned to allow equal roasting.

5. Rotisserie spit

 Tandoories are all favorites. However, the tandoor oven was a tough one to make before the OTG stepped in. The rotisserie spit is a long steel rod that holds the whole chicken and roast it evenly while rotating.


The multi-functionality is what the OTG oven is making brand promises while selling. The accessories are simple to make the cooking process more comfortable at every step.

FAQs about OTG

In India, most of the homes to date relies on the traditional way of cooking. As far as the use of pure gas ovens has managed to replace the old “chulhas.” However, investment in modern cooking appliances still takes time. Several questions are asked before involving money in such things. Here are a few frequently asked questions and their answers about the OTG ovens.

What Can You cook in OTG?

The OTG is multi-functionality cookware that can be used to bake, toast, roast, and grill all food. OTGs are the best oven in India for baking.

What training is required to use the OTG oven?

There is no such training required to use the OTG appliance. A simple read through the user manual can help anyone operate the machine at best.

Are their child safety locks and shortcut keys installed in the oven?

The best OTG making brands in India avail child safety locks to avoid any accidents. However, it is recommended to place the ovens out of reach of the younger ones in the house.

How to clean an OTG oven?

The OTG oven cleaning is super easy with its accessories. The chamber is made of stainless steel can be cleaned with detergent and water once the power is turned off after use. 

The accessories can be easily opened up after use and cleaned with wipes.

How many expenses are needed?

The highly enhanced equipment are good heat absorber and help in quick quicking. The power consumption of an OTG can be 1000 watts at one go of use. However, the time of cooking also enhances the power consumption and the expenses to be born.

We hope these answers were enough to clear all doubts regarding the OTG ovens. Prioritizing the family needs and choosing the right one among the different variants makes the buying easier.


Indians have a special place for delicious spicy food. Starting from grilled chickens, tandoors, and baked desserts, the love for food goes on. The transformation of electric energy to delicious food is indeed the best invention ever.

The baking oven in India has gone underrated as the OTGs step in. Celebrations made easy, and outing fits perfect with the multiple purpose ovens. Cost friendly, power-saving, and safe, the OTG ovens can answer all your food goals at once. With many brands offering advanced features in the appliance, the market competition remains high enough. Keeping the traditional cooking habits intact, the machine is all you need to have.
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