Best Room Heaters in India

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Best Room Heaters in India

Simple and Informative guide to buy Best Room Heaters in India with Prices

Science is a wonder, and it seems inevitable to resist the very essence of technology in everything around us. Ditching the traditional home warming methods, the invention of room heaters sprouted from the growing need of technology in our developing lifestyle. India is an exceptionally diverse country. Studying geography, the various seasonal changes around the year is merely unavoidable. Thus, the necessity of the best room heaters in India begins. 

In the colder parts of the country or during winter months, extreme temperature fall attends. As a long term solution to the seasonal change, the heaters stepped as a savior appliance that ultimately enhanced people’s lives. A small compact machine, operating on electricity and gases that contribute to keeping the indoors warm. Here is a detailed write up on some of the best electric heater in India and the examined buying guide to help you stay warm in the chilled months.


Types of Room Heaters

Temperature control is one thing that took decades of experimenting and innovation to take form finally. However, how technologies have developed over the decades, there are many appliances accessible in the market to help keep the indoors warm.  Manufacturing companies have even come up with uncountable models and types of best room heaters for winter

The very basic concept of using ceramic components for heating and temperature control was something extraordinary. Mostly tempered with innovative solutions, the room heaters offer positive results.  The listing below is the different types of room heater one can choose from.

Convection Heaters

Coping with the needs of nuclear families, the portable or mini washing machines were launched into the market in the early days of the brands. Irrespective of the bulky home appliance, the portable mini washing machines are not attached to the plumbing system of the home. The plastic tub is filled up with water, and the motor mechanism converts electrical energy to rotary energy washing all clothes. The portable washing machines save up space, and their mobility is the key factor.

Radiant Heaters

Seeking inspiration from the ecosystem itself, scientists came up with the radio heaters. Also termed as an infrared room heater in India, the radiant heaters work on the principle of heat energy transfer. Seeking energy from the Sun, the Earth carries to sustain life. Similarly, the radiant heaters release infrared waves to heat up the air, making the room warm instantly. The room heating process also kills the bacterial presence in the air indoors instigating hygiene. Nickel and chromium being a great conductor of heat again contribute to the building of several insider parts of the heaters.

Oil-filled Heaters

Irrespective of their name, the oil-filled heaters too is power by electricity and not on any fuel. Oil is an incredibly good heat conductor, and thus the oil chamber is used to store in heat. The long narrow metal chambers in the heater are filled with oil which seeks the heat from the electric mechanism fitted in the base. The metal walls of the appliance absorbed the further heat and warmed up the air indoor with a simple radiation process. The process though time-consuming helps in keeping the room warm for longer hours.

All the three types of the best room heaters in India though powered by electricity severed different needs when putting to use. Selection one from the queue can be a real confusion to overcome.

Choosing the Best Room Heater According to size

The flavors of winter are indeed chilling and beaming. But sometimes we like spending the entire day in cozy and warm indoor. But what if your room does have enough space to home a room heater! We suggest you keep concerns at bay. The listing below is the best electric heater in India that comes in portable forms for all with the little indoor area.

Havels OFR 9FIN PTC fan room heater

Havels is one of the best names in home appliances brand.  The OFR 9 is one of the best compact models that consume up to 2900 watts electricity and functions with ultimate safety. The small space-saving model also allows mobility for user convenience.

Orpat OEH-1220 Fan Room Heater

The Orpat OEH model appears second on the list. With heat-set ranging from 1000 – 2000 watts, the heater stands as one of the best electric heaters in India. The cool touch body feature is a plus in the budget that the model comes in.

Morphy Richards OFR 09 Oil Filled Heater

The international brand is known for its goodwill in the heater manufacturing industry. Working on 2000watts power consumption on an average, the compact model comes with multiple functionalities.

Usha FH 3628 PTC Fan Room Heater

Usha being a leading Indian brand, understood the temperature needs of the country and launched a product, offers multiple functions with varied temperature control, safety, and low power consumption.

Bajaj Blow Hot Fan room heater

Looking for low room heater price but with sufficient convenience? Bajaj to your rescue! Offering a decent quality product that provides safety, mobility, and low power consumption are maybe the best in the list that sits with Indian temperature needs.

However, investments in the mentioned best electric heater in India should be made, prioritizing the size and need for temperature control. Also, all year climatic conditions have serious role plays in the healing process.


Best Room Heater Buying Guide

It is tricky enough to decide which type of room heater is good for health! Home accessories are installed for updating to smart actions that eventually enhance our lifestyle. These are both one time and long term investments. There are certain features and services to consider before making the final investments. A thorough read through the following articles will help you save both money and time.


The best room heaters in India offers a 1000-2000 power wattage use on an average. Opting for low wattage, the power saving capacity of the heater increases.

Space and capacity

Analyzing one’s room size and opting for the best room heater for winter will be a wise decision. Electric heater price varies with size and capacity and thus will be easy to fit both the needs and budget. The capacity will help in finding a model fit for the home and adjustable if needed.

Energy efficiency

The productivity of the room heaters decides for the effectiveness of the appliance. Selecting a low wattage consuming heater helps in power saving.

Heat settings

One feature that usually most miss while checking the hear settings is the humidification. Besides keeping the room warm whenever needed, the humidity functionality helps keep the room cool if desired.

Heat capacity

The eating capacity ensures the amount of heat that can be generated by the specific appliance and thus can be used in different spaces without any hassle of excess power consumption.

Safety features

The appliance should have enough safety programs like cool touch body, auto-off in case of overheating, internal switch systems. Also, handling should be practiced with care to avoid accidents.

Noise level

Noise production is one negative feature that most home appliance comes with. The noise produced causes intervention in a calm and solved cozy space. That should e checked before buying a product. The machine should have no to least noise production. The use of a baseboard reduces noise production.

Auto on/off

The overheating is a widespread interruption in most electric room heaters. It should be noted that the best room heaters should offer automatic on and off in case of under and overheating during the usage. These features help safety from mishaps.

Cord length and handle

The handle of the heater that allows easy mobility should be designed with cool touch technology to avoid accidental burns. The use of small cords should be initiated, but one should surely opt for adjustable cords to ensure indoor use management. Also, the wires should be well finished and covered with plastic wrapping to ensure safety.

The features, as mentioned above, should always be prioritized without any second thought in mind. Opting for the same may cost a little hike in the budget but safety is always better than tragedies. After all, we all tend to check quality over the price when it comes to meeting the family long term needs.


Reasons to choose a Room Heater

As there are countless room heating products offered by different brands, one demands solid reasons to invest money in-room heaters. The listing below the validated reasons to select a room heater for indoor use.


The room heaters are both cost and energy-efficient in the long run as power by least wattage consumption and available in budget prices.


Being compact and a portable heater, the best room heaters in India are space-saving and ensure smooth movement around the house.


The bigger rooms need oil-filled or ceramic heaters whereas the smaller rooms can be powers using the radiant or infrared best electric heater in India.


India is a diverse country in seasons and everything else, requires many temperature control functions assuring multiple season usage.


Indian households always need protection. Keeping in mind the Indian home culture and scenario, companies offer maximum safety during usage.

Safety Tips on Room Heaters

In case of any misuse or careless behavior, the infrared room heater in India can lead to uncertain accidents. Here are some safety tips that should be followed blindly to avoid interruptions.

  • The high electric heater price makes the appliance a one-time investment. It is crucial to keep proper observation while using a heater. If left unattended for long hours accidentally fire may follow.
  • It is advisable to keep all clothes and any heat or fire conductor gas and fuel away from the heater premises. Overheating and improper handling can cause a fire.
  • All the room openings are advisable to keep shut to let the heater use least electric energy and warm up the entire room Flammable gas contacts can also lead to a fire.
  • It is important to make sure that the damaged parts of the best room heater for the home should never be reused without proper repairing. 
  • Always make sure of using a proper shielded and covered extended wiring to power the best room heater for winter.
  • An excellent read of the user manual is also vital to ensure proper using of the multiple functionalities.

Frequently Asked Question on Room Heaters:

What are the best heater manufacturing brands?

Brands like Richard Morphy, Bajaj, Orient are some of the leading heater manufacturers in India.

What is the price of a quality room heater?

Depending on the size and functions, the room heaters start from 1000-7000 INR.

Which type of room heater is good for health?

Electric heater never radiator any harmful gas like carbon monoxide is thus useful for health.

What is the appropriate size of the heater?

The appropriate size of the heater depends on the size of your room and climatic conditions in the region.

Where to keep the room heater?

Heaters should be installed away from any flammable products and also out of children’s reach.


Room hearts are exceptionally the revolutionary gift to the colder stars in the country. Also, the benefits are enjoyed by people all over the country during the season changes. It is better to be very sure before the appliance installation. We guess these questions are enough to clear your doubts regarding the product.

By now, we hope all the thorough information on the room heaters can help you determine the best smartwatch for your home. Technology can be proven extremely useful and easy if used and handled with complete care. Durability too depends upon the users handling methods. The current room heaters market in India offers uncountable models to choose from. However, we expect that the upcoming years will witness far better smart home appliances in every purpose.

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