Best Air Cooler in India

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Best Air Cooler in India

Summers in India are awfully scorching. The unbearable warmth of the sun rises up to 48° on days. The best air cooler in India turns out to be the only resort.

India is diverse in the climatic conditions, the temperature stability never prevails. Most of the months are sticky and oily in major states of the country.

The tech world had to step in to manufacture an appliance that could maintain controlled temperature indoors. That is right when leading brands started designing the best air cooler for home.

A read through the following writeup will help you gather all necessary information on the air cooler in India with the price.


Best Air Cooler and its Need

Dealing with the temperature concerns after busy work schedules can be frustrating and irritable to infinity. Without a long term resolve, no temporary solution is worthy enough.

An air cooler is a multi-utility and flexible indoor temperature control appliance, powered by electricity and enables cooling by water. The eco-friendly apparatus is the ultimate need for summer months in India.

The best air cooler for home turns out to be the handiest, efficient and effective product that can be put to use. One simply can not ignore the needs of this specific appliance when in India.

Though the number of variants in the market is not less, the air cooler price in India makes it the most mandated. The vivid listing of the pros and cons of the product will help learn more.

Pros and Cons of Air Cooler in India

The best air cooler In India works on the simple principle of trapping hot air in the cooling pads, transferring it into the water and ultimately making the air cool.

However, there is no blessing of technology that comes with all the advantages. The shortcomings to accompany the cheap and best air cooler in India.

The study on the pros and cons of the product will let you recognize how the benefits exceed the drawbacks in no time.

Pros of Best Air Cooler

  • Cost-effective– The other variants of room temperature control appliances like the air conditioner is highly-priced. However, the air cooler price in India is quite affordable. One can choose from any model ranging from 5000INR to 20000INR to fit their budget.
  • Energy-efficient– Less power consumption, the air coolers use a fan to blow out chilled air. Thus the energy usage is not more than 120 watts. Serving the purpose at best, the power saving appliance lists in must-have.
  • Mobile– The mobility of the best air cooler fan raises the notch of its an advantage. As compared to air conditioners, air coolers are extremely flexible and can be moved in any part of the house whenever needed.

Cons of Air Cooler

  • Specified climatic coping– The high humidity places across the country restricts the usage of the best air cooler in India. Soaking up the moisture, the air cooler can spay out water sprinkles with interrupted usage. Irrespective of the price and brand name, the high precipitation areas demand an AC.
  • Maintenance – Regular pouring of water or ice before use is a must to let the air cooler function at ease. Timely cleaning comes next to add in the durability of the device.

The rising mercury level during the summer months could not get better without the air cooler. Also, the cons of the product can easily be substituted with proper care and cleaning.

Types of Air cooler

Like most other home utility appliances the best air cooler company in India offers variant to allow users choice flexibility. 

Each type of cooler arrives with separate functions but a similar mechanism. Take a close look at the types of air coolers to find a reasonable fit for your home.

Desert air cooler

The most common and the highly demanded model among the air cooler brands in the desert air cooler. Installed in bigger rooms, the cooler is a perfectionist is its work.


  • The desert air cooler enables fast cooling inside the room with bigger fan blades and is thus more energy efficient.
  • Offers water capacity ranging from 60-70liters at one go. Lessening down the involvement of manual efforts, most a desert coolers also come with ice tray to help better cooling.


  • Expensive as compared to the other types of cooler. One may need to raise the budget along with the installation charges.
  • The desert coolers should always be placed on a raised platform in front of the room openings like windows. This, the mobility is restricted.
  • Mostly suited for commercial purpose in hotels, hospitals and restaurants, the desert cooler consumes high energy.

Personal air cooler

Also termed as a portable air cooler, are one of the best air coolers in India with a price. Specially designed for the purpose of small rooms, the air cooler works with blowers rather than fans.


  • Being portable, personal air coolers can be moved almost anywhere and everywhere. 
  • Extremely efficient, the cooler consumes the least possible energy.
  • It helps with the fast cooling process and can hold 20- 70 liters of water capacity in certain models.


  • Needs regular cleaning and wiping water for flexible working and durability. Easy rusting can also interrupt the iron body of the cooler.
  • The personal coolers are not capable of cooling up bigger rooms and space.
  • The cast tires are easily breakable and replacing the same includes heavy pinch on the pocket.

Tower air cooler

Curated specially for official and large scale use, the tower coolers offer very high cooling.


  • Being raised in size, the tower coolers occupy very little space and thus can fit in the smallest rooms.
  • The tower coolers take very little time to lower down the temperature of the room.


  • The specific cooler type can only be used in small rooms and space.

Best Air Cooler Buying Guide

Choosing the best air cooler in India for the home can be indeed tricky. This we are here answering all your doubts to help you a hassle-free buying.

Power usage

The air coolers are far more energy-efficient as compared to the air conditioners. The devices run on a comparatively low power of 100 -130 watts. Saving energy and money, the lesser power consumption makes the cooler highly dependable in the summer months.


The wrong size for the wrong room is the worst that can happen while buying the best air cooler in India for home. One must know that the size of the cooler also tells about its capacity to keep the room cool.


The thickness of the cooling pad also decides the ability of the air cooler to maintain controlled temperature. The thicker the pad, the more is the absorption from enclosing and thus better cooling for long hours follow.


The installation process again is difficult. Make sure to ask for air cooker installation services by the company itself before buying the product.


The lesser is the weight, the higher the mobility. It is advisable to look for the convenient weight of the air cooler to help it move around the house whenever needed. Heavy air college can not be moved around the house with ease but the small blower coolers help in the same.


The speed determination of the best air coolers in India is important. The adjustable speed helps the user alter the temperature and airflow according to their needs. Also, the adjustability allows to save up power whenever needed.

Ice tray

The air cooler in India with price must be accompanied by accessories like water and ice tray. Adding up ice during the cooler function helps in faster temperature lowering again saving up the energy.

Rooms size

Having a good look at the room size where the air cooler is to be installed is the first step. An inappropriate air cooler for a big room may end up in interrupted cooling, pulling the user down to losses.

Water level indicator

With hours of usage, the water level in the cooler tends to lower down. The indicator is designed in order to help the user understand it’s time to refill the tank.

Water level controller

The water level controller is the added feature that restricts the user from filling more than necessary water and stops mishaps of the electrical power air cooler.

Cord length

The cord length must be adjustable enough to power the air cooler with the electricity source. Also, the proper protection of the cord must be checked in order to avoid electrical accidents.


Exact warranty period should always be a check upon before making an investment. Most companies offer a minimum of 6 months warranty period to fix any malfunctioning of the device.

Price factor

Air cooler in India with price variations can easily match a budget buy. Examining the requirements of your home and matching the climatic or seasonal needs can help you seek a wise decision.

These points are sure to help you act better before buying. 

Also, we hope deciding which is the best air cooler in India is no more doubt with the mentioned buying guide.

Tips for Better Air Cooler Functioning

The proper working of the best air cooler in India for home needs cares enough for smooth and durable functioning. The tested caring tips will help you work the same.

Cross ventilation

Cross ventilation is the key. When placed in front of an opening, it becomes easy for the cooler to suck in the fresh air and assisting the room cool faster. Ventilation allows smooth airflow and keeps bringing in freshness all the time.

Adding Ice

Adding Ice- the best air cooler companies in India adds an ice tray in the models they offer.  Ice helps in fast lowering of the temperature making the device save energy as well. In the case only may use chilled water to repeats the same process.

Proper Cleaning

Cleaning comes next. Proper and periodic cleaning of any gadget contributes to its long life. Wiping off the water content after use can stop from rusting and awful smell output. Also, one may add some fragrance or essential oils in the water to spread freshness all around the room.


While filling the water tank in the air cooler, it is advisable to power the pump. The pre-soaking process helps in the flexible operation of the air cooler.

A little manual effort on the best air cooler in India can actually make a lot more difference to the device in the long run. 

Follow the mentioned steps and enjoy the freshness in your house beating the dusty and sticky summer sweat.

Frequently Asked Question on Air Cooler

Before making an investment in products that are to serve longer purposes, we certainly ask questions to clear all related doubts.

Which is the best air cooler in India?

Symphony, Bajaj, Maharaja are some of the best names in the air cooler manufacturing brands in India

Which type of cooler is best for rooms?

Portable or personal is the best air cooler in India for home.

What is the amount of energy consumed by air cooler?

Depending particularly on the individual user, the amount of energy consumption is quite less as compared to the air conditioners.

Why AC is hazardous for human health?

Sucking out all the moisture from the room, the AC makes the room extremely dry causing asthma and skin diseases.

Difference between desert and room air cooler?

The room coolers are portable but also does not help with better cooling as compared to the desert coolers.

We hope these were enough answers to help you get rid of any related usage worries.


The middle-class family needs of most Indian families can not manage with the huge electricity bills of an air conditioner.

Best air cooler fan thus come extremely effective to serve the cooling temperature indoors. Efficient from all respective purposes, the summer days can be welcomed without worries.

Innovation has taken bigger steps to ease people solving permanent problems. However, in those parts where air coolers can not function flexibly, super speed fans and ACs can be the only resort to rely upon.

But the States which can undoubtedly opt for the best selling air cooler in India.

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