Best Induction Cooktops in India

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Best Induction Cooktops in India

Simple and Informative guide to buy Best Induction Cooktops in India with prices and Best Induction Stove/Cooker in India

The advancing use of kitchenware appliances has been constantly rising in India for the past few years. Besides ovens, blenders, and OTGs, the induction cooktops he also paced up to the race.

Named differently all across the country, the induction appliance was a revolutionary invention not only to the homemakers but also to the Indian government.

Looking closely at the economical status, India is a leading producer of fuel in the global market gets affected by excess self-usage. The best induction cooktops in India is thus a boon!

Matching up to modular kitchen essentials, the induction oven is a technology that everyone in the Indian household simply admires. The detailed write up will help you welcome home the best induction stove in India.


List of Induction Cooktops in India

Pigeon brand holds quite a good reputation when it comes to delivering hone appliances. The cooktop by the brand promises to deliver advanced cooking solutions in a budget.

Key Features:

  • Priced at around 3200 INR, the Piegon induction promises to work on electromagnetic principles delivering fast heating.
  • Eligible for automatic turn off, the best induction cooktop in India ensures safety.
  • A seven-segment LED display shows the temperature and energy specifications.
  • Powered at 220 voltages, the cooktop is designed for consuming optimum energy.
  • The quality manufacturing, makes the product enable to adopting to higher heat levels.
  •  Designed for the ultimate convenience, the preset timer helps the user multitask.
  • Cord length of 1.3 meters makes the appliance fit into any position of the kitchens.



Delivering five star rated home appliances, Philips needs no distinct introduction. The Viva collection of induction is designed keeping in mind user convenience at best. Have a look at the features.

Key Features:

  • Priced at around 4700 INR, the Philips Viva promises efficiency cooking serving at  240 voltage.
  • The cool touch top surface enables maximum heating for fast cooking needs.
  •  Six different preset time settings enable the user to take care of the and nutrients without worrying.
  • Philips promises a quality body with micro-crystal plate material.
  • Up to 3 hours of continuous cooking time and high-temperature settings with one-touch ON feature makes it best induction even in India.



Catering Indian households for decades, Prestige guarantees prestigious home appliances. It is obvious that the best induction cooktops in India are mandatory from the brand.

Key Features:

  • The most extraordinary feature is the Indian menu option that allows cooking various dishes at the required temperature.
  • Priced at around 2700 INR, the black elegant body of the best induction cooktops in India comes with an anti-magnetic wall that allows center heating only.
  • Smart touch buttons ensure safety and prompt prest time and temperature settings.
  • Performing at 230 volume the induction consumes 1200 wattage current.
  • 1 year warranty period offered by the company attracts more buyers.



The second variant of the previous 20 models the PIC16.0+ by Prestige offers some better changes. Here are features of the best induction stove brand in India listed below.

Key Features:

  • The best induction stove price is listed at around 3200 INR.
  • With an inbuilt voltage regulator, the external voltage regulations are taken care of, assuring durability.
  •  computer feature automatically modifies time and temperature settings.
  • Aerodynamic cooling keeps the engine working at best.
  • Self-power adjustment according to the vessel size is one unique specification helps save energy.
  • At 230 voltage, the best indication chulha in India consumes 1300 wattage of electricity.



The sleek and compact ultra-modern design is the highlight of the Pigeon Rapido model. The specifications are also well appreciated by most users. Have a read!

Key Features:

  • Best induction cooktops in India are known for top-notch user achievement. Feature touch, wider surface ticks the box at around 3800 INR only.
  • Only the right induction friendly cookware gets heated when kept in the heating zone securing safety.
  • Automatically shut off with utensil removal is the best thing of Pigeon Rapido.
  • Different cooking menu options with feather touch panel commit to the fastest cooking.
  • The slim body is the highlight with attractive neat black shine.
  • A warranty for a year is offered.



Wondering which induction stove is best? Here is yet another model by the Prestige PIC series. The obvious designs make the appliance better for each user’s usage. The features are as follows.

Key Features:

  • Equipped with feature touch buttons, the best induction stove in India restricts food and water sipping inside the induction.
  • Unique keep the warm feature of the appliance, helps the utensils and it’s food content stay warm for up to four hours.
  • For all voltage variations, the voltage regular comes to rescue. Power saver technology also added to the appliance durability.
  • Anti-magnetic walls warm the heat zone for maximum user safety.
  • Operating at 230 voltage, the induction consumes 1900 wattage of current.



Holding best induction cooktops in India to a much-advanced level, the Philips Viva collection comes to action. Have a look at the features.

Key Features:

  • Priced at around 4700 INR, the Philips Viva collection is a premium home appliance assuring advanced cooking experience.
  • Black in color, operating at 230 voltage and consuming 2100 wattage of electricity, the model becomes the best induction cookers in India.
  • The sensor touch is designed for faster cooking, 10 advanced rest temperature and other settings for better cooking.
  • Automatic Off restricts accidental food burning.
  • The best induction stove brand in India offers up to 1 year of warranty.



V Guard is intelligent engineering shaped into induction cooktops. With advanced settings and smart features makes the V Guard VIC model ranks among best inductions.

Key Features:

  • For Indian electric fluctuations, the best induction stove brand in India came up with a wide working range, offering smooth performance from 100-270 voltage.
  • The digital display shows up to four-digit numbering for stress and accidental free cooking.
  • Timer in the best induction cooker in India can be adjusted up to 4 hours.
  • Promising controlled cooking on elite dishes, the eight-level power setting is designed.
  • High-quality top layer glass can accept temperature rise up to 600°C.
  • The 1-year appliance guarantee is availed by the brand.



Havells has a range of home appliances that Indian users swear by. The best induction cooktop under 2000 is worth a buy. Have a read through the specifications.

Key Features:

  • Priced at around 2000 INR, the induction can be pit to use for better kitchen experience.
  • Loaded with 4 different cooking options, the Havells induction also has up to two hours of cooking time.
  • Soft-touch switches for faster user operations.
  • The inbuilt digital display shows temperature and time settings.
  • Consuming 1400 wattage of electricity, the best induction chulha in India performs at 230 voltage.
  • 1 year of product guarantee offered by the brand.



Thinking which induction stove is best, won’t do any help. Bring home the Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 and witness better cooking experience. Here are the features listed as follows.

Key Features:

  • Ever thought of customizing cooking time? Here comes Bajaj Majesty allowing you customize your own cooking time for varied Indian dishes with Tact switches.
  • Automatic Off enables the user to avoid any interrupted cooking experience.
  • The function control enables the best induction stove to perform between 130 volts to 270 voltage.
  • The user manual and guarantee card are offered with the induction oven.
  • Eight rest menu and keep warm feature takes care of food until served.



Induction Cooktop and its Mechanism

The best induction cooker in India is a simple glass made cooktops that are powered by electricity. The compact embodied appliance is capable of cooking and heating food.

Simple physics of transforming the electric power to heat energy without actually glowing or giving rise to fire. Surprisingly, the process helps in fast cooking as well.

The cool touch technology prevents heat from reaching the glass and stops accidental burns and bruises. Tossing the conventional cooking methods, the best induction cooktops in India is clearly a radical change.

Incredibly efficient, the induction being compact can be easily carried and helps in hassle-free cooking in the least possible time.

Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktops

Appliance or gadget comes with its very own set of pros and cons. The best indication chulha in India got its own as well. The listing below will help you get a better look at the services of the induction stove.

Pros of Induction Cooktops

  • Saving up on fuel consumption, the best induction cooktops in India uses up the least 
  • The multiple temperature setting allows cooking food with different setting programs.
  • The cool touch technology restricts the glass from heating up and thus causes no burns even on touching the cooking top. 
  • The automatic on and off is followed when plugged in. As soon as the utensils are removed, the heating stops and as placed, the cooking starts. 
  • Available at budget-friendly prices, the appliance is energy efficient consuming least electricity accompanied by fast cooking.
  • The compact embodied gadget can be easily carried anywhere desired.
  • Lastly, the best induction chulha in India is perfect for the nuclear modern family lifestyle needs.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are easy with a simple dry fabric. However, it is important to make power off while cleaning.electricity for cooking food.

Cons of Induction Cooktops

  • The most problematic use of induction ovens remains that no other utensils than the cast iron base and stainless steel can be used for the cooking purpose.  
  • Being powered by electricity, it will be impossible to continue cooking during power cuts. A backup plan should always be made sure in this case of cooking.

With the list of advantages being longer than the shortcomings, induction cookware can be an effective appliance to invest in.

Types of Induction Cooktops

The broad spectrum of features that the best induction stove in India brings in has to lead to mass attraction. Leading brands have come up with countless models to choose from.

However, understanding the types of ovens and their purposes can help clarify further doubts from the product. We recommend a good read through the following types.

Built-in induction cooktops

The modular kitchen design demands for ultra-modern cooking appliances. The best induction oven in India is placed in the perfectly sized countertops to create smart appliance looks.



  1.  It creates a trendy expensive and smart home look.
  2. Different metal utensils can be used for cooking.
  3. The wide glass board allows multiple cooking at the same time.
  4. Multiple programs as compared to the regular induction stoves.


  1. The installation of the inbuilt induction cooktop is expensive.
  2. It can consume more than 3000 watts at one go and runs not under 220 voltage.
  3. The builtin tops are extremely fragile and in case of deciding the charges are also budget exceeding.

Freestanding Induction stoves

the freestanding best induction stove in India speaks on behalf of its name. The cookware are designed to stand on itself without any top assistance.



  1. As this cookware can stand alone, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. 
  2. The multiple burners can help in multiple cooking at one time. 
  3. The chic black and metal body add up to the outer look with the program settings help in functionality.
  4. Models of altering power supply assist the different customer needs.


  1. Needs enough space for installation and is this not space-saving.
  2. The electricity power consumption is comparatively high and is thus not as much cost-efficient.
  3. Expensive is one factor that may seem a shortcoming to many.

Portable and Compact cooktops

The best induction cooker in India that gained the most fame is the portable and compact cooktops.



  1. Being compact in shape can be easily carried and moved to any convenient place for use.
  2. Power consumption is extremely low and thus is highly energy efficient.
  3. Easy maintenance of the induction contributes to durability.
  4. The extended chord plugging is adjustable and no interruption in power resource arises.
  5. Easily operable switches help in usage with ease.
  6. Each model comes in a sleek and compact design with vivid colors of choice.


  1. The electricity power cut can stop the function and thus needs immediate backup.

The detailed summing up of the pros and cons of every type of best induction stove in India can help in lading your hands on the appliance best for your home and family needs. 

Opting for reputed brands also assured quality product purchases and better periodic servicing habits.

Best Induction Cooktops Buying Guide

With countless brands and manufacturing houses offering the top-rated kitchen equipment, it is hard to figure out the best induction cooktops in India

The following shopping guide will help make a wiser decision on the same.


As goes with any other cooking ware technology, the more is the wattage of the appliance, the faster is the cooking process and lesser is the electric energy consumption. Efficiency should always top your priority list without doubts.

Size and number of burners

Keeping in mind the family needs, one should precisely judge the number of burners the best induction oven in India offers. The size also decides the ability of the product to multitask.

Pan sensor

The best induction chulha in India should have inbuilt pan sensors to detect the presence of pan on the glass heating top. In case the pan sensor detects no load, it automatically switches off heating saving power. There are also other sensors to help in easy cooking.

Cooking modes

The appliance should have built-in cooking modes to offer different types of cooking processes in one single piece of equipment. Though one may need to raise their budget to allow this particular feature on their product. The cooking modes prove essential if one is passionate about cooking.

Cooking requirement

Multiple tops and heating platforms in a sole induction appliance vary on an individual’s cooking requirement. Multiple induction cooking tips offer a whole meal cooking all at once, consuming a little more energy. However, it completely depends upon the users’ choice to get home one such product. 

Child lock

It is not possible to keep a constant eye on the toddlers roaming around in the house. But technology has surely got your back. 

Inductions you decide to invest in must come with the child lock technology. Even in any accidental scenario, that the induction should be programmed to sense the acts and resist accidents.


When smart technology is put to use, it is recommendable to look for timer settings for cooking. Multi-tasking is what all homemakers do best. Helping in the same, the timer settings can surely change the cooking game at best. 

Automatic on /off

Fitting in the best induction stove price list, most of them offer automatic on and off the heating on placing and removal of the utensil on the glass top. The feature surely adds up to energy efficiency and safety.

Touch controls

The heating of the glass top should never be appreciated. The electric energy converted into heat should directly act upon the utensil or pan and not on the glass ensuring the safety of the user. Touching the glass while cooking should be followed by cool touch technology.

Besides these buying guides on the best induction cooktops under 2000, there is self carefulness that matters. 

It is important for the user to understand that several companies have a different system as a part of the monopoly. 

A good read of the user manual will help you understand the functionalities to ensure safety and take actions accordingly. 

Treating every cooking step in the kitchen needs precise control over the electricity, sensors, mindfulness. Safety tips on the list.

We hope you find the induction oven buying guide relevant enough to serve your purpose and make the best decision for your home.

Choosing the Best Induction Cooktops

The buying guide wasn’t enough? Confusion is surely the issue when making a one-time investment in home appliances.

There are so many features that one must look for in their perfect equipment match. After all, we all try to make the most out of the products.

Here is a list to help you look for certain features in the best induction cooktops in India.

Price factor

Setting the budget limit before purchasing can help one make a clear decision of which particular model to choose from. There are best induction cooktops under 2000 to choose from.

Easy operating

Easy functionality access is the foremost priority. The complex operating system can be in countless interruption during usage.


One must look for extendable cords and heat friendly utensils when buying the best induction stove in India.


The best induction stove brand in India offers safety at best. The chords should be specially covered to avoid any electrical accidents.

Platform space

Depending upon the needs of the family and household, one should choose from the best induction cooktops under 2000.

As their needs base, the cooktops must have enough space to allow multiple cooking at one time. Standalone induction ovens are the best fit for such needs.

Burner configuration

Keeping in mind the energy efficiency of the product, and price management, one should always look for burner configuration.

the higher the burner configuration, the more efficient it is.

Making sure the presence of these mentioned features can help you invest in the best fix to cooking needs.

Frequently Asked Question on Induction Cooktops

There are certain questions that interrupt while purchasing a new home appliance. The writeup below is to clear all your doubts and gift your home the best it deserves.

What are the best Induction cooktop brands in India?

Names like Bajaj, LG, Samsung, Philis offer some of the best induction cooktops under 2000.

Are induction ovens safe and eco-friendly?

Yes, induction ovens are surely designed with safety and enough heat protection from unnecessary accidents.

Are the Induction ovens economical?

Induction ovens are surely the most economical as compared to other cooking utilities. Saving both power and fuel, induction is energy efficient.

What utensils are needed for the induction purpose?

Heavy bottom pans and works, non-stick cookware and steel utensils are the best firs for cooking on the best induction chulha in India.

Which induction stove is best?

All goodwill brands offer quality induction cooker for Indian homes. You can choose any model depending on the home necessities.

It is certain that the question of which induction stove is best? must have withered away from your mind.


Analyzing the indoor and lifestyle needs can help anyone choose from the best induction stove price list. Spending long hours sweating inside the kitchen premises is the talk of yesterday. 

Select from the best induction stove brand in India and enjoy smart cooking in less time. This is the much-needed makeover for your home surely.

The best budget equipment is waiting for you to get hands-on for them. Technology is all set to take over your home with the best of equipment.

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