Best Steam Iron in India

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Best Steam Iron in India

Simple and Informative guide to buy Best Steam Iron in India with prices and Best Steam Iron Box in India

With traditions grabbing a back seat and letting technology control the ride to smart and updated home appliances have come a long way. The best steam iron in India comes next in the list of must-haves!

The lifestyle we choose does not let us ample time to act precisely as homemakers. But as always, technology had to take over.

Hitting the office premises daily with dirty and creased clothes looks informal and tampers our social reflection. Self-confidence sometime feels threatened as well.

Best Steam Iron for home use, therefore, becomes mandatory. The following writeup will help you get a close insider of the best iron box in India.


Best Steam Iron and it's Needs

In the early days of ironing clothes, a heavy shaped heated iron block was used for pressing. With time similar mechanism remained with updated programs and electric powering.

But, the perfection was still nowhere near. The best steam iron in India steeped in to resolve some serious pressing issues.

Removing all tough creases with advanced temperature control for each fabric type and water sprinkle is designed to perform heavy pressing duty without interims.

The best iron box brand in India concurrently decided to install inbuilt programs for the ultra-modern needs of the buyers. The current market now offers several models to fit in specified needs.

Pros and Cons of Steaming Iron

The ironing process for the bulk of clothes can be time depleting and tiring. Also, the heavy iron block pressing after proper heating is risky, followed by imperfect results. 

The heat pressing for the crip look of your favorite white shirt may not match with some other fabric. Steam iron had to come forth to solve many such problems.

However, like any electrical gadget, the best iron box in India offers a few significant sets of benefits and drawbacks. The listing below of the pros and cons will help in better understanding.

Pros of Best Steam Iron

  • Safe handling- Accidental burning of clothes was the most common trouble that most traditional ironing did. Thankfully, the best steam iron box India is formulated with an automatic off program if left unused for more than ten minutes. 
  • Vertical ironing- Keeping the convenience at par, steam irons offer the upright pressing facility. Thick fabrics that need both sides pressing can be easily done on a hanging stance. Interruptions are at bay with the best iron for clothes.
  • Steaming- The crisp white shirt look is no more hassle,  as per the steam iron in India review. The steam ironing with the water sprinkles and appropriate heat press the fabric perfectly removing all the tough creases and folds.

Cons of Steam Iron

  • Fabric sensors- Though heavy-bottomed enough to press clothes, the best steam iron in India does not work well on heavier fabrics. The list includes woolen and woven garments and polyester blends with the heavy base fabric. Repeated or long-pressing time sometimes fails to bring forth a crisp pressed look.
  • Water refill- Small chambers in the best iron box in India needs continuous water-filling to produce steam while ironing. This small interruption can seem a tremendous drawback while working in bulk pressing.

The list apparently shows how the wizard features if the steam iron transcends the drawbacks. Simple handy ideas can further help the user alters the cons at best.

Making an investment for the best steam iron price can be a proven solution to hectic ironing habits.


Types of Steam Irons

Coping with the different needs of varied customers all around the country, manufacturers offer to alter features in each type of steam irons. 

Moreover, the parts of the appliance and its power level acts to decide the type of function it will serve. The working mechanism of the pressing appliance divides the product into three types.

Here is a clear detail writeup top help all the readers get a better interpretation of types of the best iron box in India.

Conventional Steam press

Lifting cloth pressing to an entirely new level, the conventional steam irons work with less steam and best results. Comparatively inexpensive, the specific type can be worked with tap water as of the calcium collecting inbuilt filters. All you get is wrinkle-free polished pressed fabric.

Steam Iron system

Probably the heaviest pressing appliance in the list of best steam iron in India. The bulky product needs adequate space to keep and work. Though not designed with a sprinkle, the constant stream flow is high. A little more energy-consuming as it takes time to heat up, the steam iron system can find out crease from heavy fabric as well.

Cordless steam iron

Efficient at best, cordless steam irons are wireless and compact. An absolute fit for all travel purposes, the specific steam iron belongs to the convention family. Rechargeable from time to time, the best iron for clothes is super easy to use. With practical inbuilt programs, the cordless steam is energy efficient as well as user-friendly.

These mentioned types are certain to help you make a better choice for your investment on steam irons. 

Careful handling can be responsible enough in adding up to the durability. A read through the buying guide will help gain knowledge on features to look for in the best steam iron in India.


Best Steam Iron Buying Guide

We understand your confusion between several models of the dry iron vs. steam iron. Listing the number of features to look for in a good steam iron.

Power usage

More the wattage of the steam iron the more is its efficiency. PThe prompt heating factor exists in presses that operate on 1800 plus watts.

Water capacity

High water capacity tanks reduce multiple water refilling. The steady steaming process to lessens down manual effort. The increased weight due to the water capacity also allows better pressing.

Steam vents

The number of steam vents Llows equal steaming and more crisp look after pressing. Prior to buying, it is advisable to look for 16-46 vents as per needs.


The shape and size of the sole plates are essential. Wider the soleplate area, more are a number of vents and fast pressing thus follows. Aluminum and ceramic soleplates of the best iron box brand in India help in equal and better heat flow.

Steam blasts

The power decides the steam blasts rate. Higher the power, the higher the steam production. More steam production does better pressing and is capable of removing tougher crumple from the clothes.

The vertical steaming

Heavy fabric which requires both sides pressing can be difficult without this specific feature. The vertical steaming of feature helps the user to press the fabric even when it is positioned vertically. The feature proves helpful to iron heavy curtains or expensive dressing.

Heat up time

In the lifestyle where we are all running out of time, prompt services are always appreciated. The best iron box in India avails fast heat-up time and even faster steaming for user comfort.

Variable steam options

The alterable streaming options permit low, medium and high steaming that can be adjusted as per the fabric needs. Timely, the steaming option can also be turned off and used as a dry press. Flexibility should always prevail.

Spray mist

The spray mist guarantees to moisten the fabric before pressing. The water sprinkles help in better crinkle removal on pressing creating that fine iron look for your shirt or dress.

Temperature control

Certain fabric needs low temperature and the rest demands for higher. The manual temperature control switch assists in setting the level as per ironing needs.

Anti calcium feature

As the steaming process converts water into vapor, the calcium carbonate residue reacts at high temperatures and results in clogged pores. The builtin anti-calcium feature prevents the residue buildup endorsing the proper functioning and durability of the product.

Anti-drip feature

Constant seeping of water droplets from the vents is a very common problem. To fight the situation, brands introduced the anti-drip feature that restricts water dripping from any parts even on a full tank situation.

Water tank type

The water tank should be able to work on both tap and distilled water and ensure flexibility of usage. Also, the tank should be marked with different water levels to ease up the process of ironing.

Cord length

The easy access to the electricity resource is only possible with adaptable cord length. The adjustable length allows uninterrupted iron movements during the work.

Automatic off

The auto shut off feature in steam iron is installed to stop accidents. The iron stops further heating on reaching the highest temperature level. This not only saves power but also restricts accidental burns.

Price factor

High-end technology appliances are no doubt expensive. However, as a result of increasing demand, the best steam iron price can be budget-friendly. Starting from a range of 2000-10000, the market offers modest to advanced steam iron.


Cleaning Steam Iron

Besides proper usage of any appliance, maintenance plays a vital role in safety and durability. However, cleaning the best steam iron for home use can be tricky enough without proper guidance.

Most pressing systems have an inbuilt self-cleaning feature that restricts calcium accumulation. However, added steps of manual cleaning should accompany the process. 

Ingredients required- The easy fix iron steam cleaning can be done with vinegar, distilled water, metal tray, and clothes.


  • Firstly, the built-in chamber of the steam iron needs to be filled with vinegar and appropriate temperature settings at the medium need to be set.
  • Switch on the spray settings and steam iron any piece of cloth material. Repeat the process unless the tank is empty.
  • This time, the previous process should be repeated with distilled water. However, the method should be rehearsed multiple times.
  • Finally, the steam check should be tested in a metal tray from a distance.

Once the cleaning is completed, proper drying of the water chamber should be checked for further use.

However, there are different cleaning processes for the sole plates.

Soleplates cleaning

Salt cleaning method

Sole plates of the best steam iron box brand in India can be cleaned with salt. Simply by turning off the steaming option and rubbing it over salt. The dirt accumulation is driven out with a scrubbing technique.

Damp cloth cleaning

Sometimes dark stains of fabrics tend to stick on the soleplate. A damp cloth dipped in vinegar or water when pressed at medium temperature can remove the same with ease.

Baking soda cleaning

Baking soda reacts both with vinegar and water which is corrosive enough to remove rust or tough stains. A concentrated paste of soda and vinegar, when applied and wiped off, can leave behind clean soleplate.

 With these simple steps and DIY hacks, one can make sure to wipe off the dirt for further durability.

However, once again the importance of guidelines should not be neglected and thoroughly followed before the cleaning up.


Frequently Asked Question on Steam Irons

What is the difference between dry iron and steam iron?

The basic difference between steam and dry iron is a     sprinkling of water and steam producing. The dry iron can not produce any steam for a crisp look and though crease removal.

How to stop water leakage from steam iron?

It is advisable not to turn on the steam settings while working at low temperatures. Also, the upright positioning of iron when not in use restricts water dripping.

How frequently one can clean vents of the iron steam?

One should clean vents as per a load of use. However, cleaning once in two months is more than enough.

Can steam iron be used as dry irons?

Steam irons can easily be used as dry irons by turning off the steam settings.

Which is the best steam iron box in India?

Depending upon the characteristics and usability, there are several brands like bajaj, Philips and LG that offer best steam irons in the Indian market.


We hope these are informative enough to help you decide the favors of a steam iron. Ensuring the least manual efforts and matching the current lifestyle needs, the technology is for sure economic and efficient. Clearly, in a competition of dry iron vs. steam iron, the ball is in the court of steam irons.

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